Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tow Trucks: Undocumented Profit

AB 353,  A bill in the California legislature would address the tow Truck industry's best kept secret.  
They make a killing off undocumented drivers!  

In some cities like Bell , a suburb of Los Angeles, it is also a lucrative reality for city coffers as they auction off cars once the owner can't afford the fees accrued after many days of holding.   Check Points are conveniently set up in immigrant communities.  Here is one story of the experience in Oakland's Fruitvale District:

The LA Times reports that:
"24,000 cars were impounded in 2009 at DUI checkpoints in California but that only 3,200 of those behind the wheel were charged with driving under the influence. "

AB 353 a bill that would limit this predatory impoundment, has been approved by the state senate and is moving it's way to Jerry Brown's desk.  

Folks should call their local assembly person to find out what their position is on it. If they support it congratulate, if they don't plan a collective action/meeting to persuade.     

List of Assembly Members and contact info:

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