Monday, March 21, 2011

67 Sueños - The birth of a movement

Black and white portraits of undocumented youth dominate our media, our politics and even our movements.  On the one hand migrant youth are painted as criminals by a xenophobic right wing hate campaign.  In response many counter the narrative by lifting up only the exceptional individual stories of 4.0 students and valedictorians.  In Oakland, California migrant youth are refusing to be elbowed out of the conversations about their future by these black and white narratives.  They are bursting on to the seen in full color.   This project aims to lift these powerful voices to shine a light on the reality of migrant youth.  No more angels and demons a new movement is being born.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

UPR Solidarity Rally en La Mission de San Francisco

In San Francisco the small but vocal and vigilant Borikua community marched in solidarity with the students of the UPR who are facing intense repression for standing up for accessible affordable education.

Monday, March 7, 2011



On March 4th 2011 , Xicana Moratorium Coalition youth from various Oakland and East Bay High Schools affected by proposed "gang" injunctions targeting Raza Youth in the Fruitvale WALKED OUT and shut down the streets of the Town demanding an END to criminalization of youth and displacement of brown people in the name of "violence prevention." These injunctions, that have been similarly applied across California cities including San Francisco, San José, Modesto, affect more than just the 50 people named Norteño gang members or associates on the gang injunction list: all young people fitting the "description" may be stopped, searched, harassed with no right to legal representation. Walk down 24th and Mission in San Francisco where gang injunctions were most heavy handedly applied - who do you see? Eliminitating rights of assembly and imposition of curfews (no being on the block after 10pm) are some of the ways the Oakland city council members seek to create favorable conditions for gentrification of the Fruitvale district.

Following in the footsteps of previous generations of Bay Area Youth movement and 519+ years resistance on this continent youth shut down 5 major intersections and used popular education and cultural resistance to share their demand of human rights to land and life and community self determination.

-Text by Natalia Favi García P


- Rally Video By the Community Justice Network for Youth

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