Monday, March 21, 2011

67 Sueños - The birth of a movement

Black and white portraits of undocumented youth dominate our media, our politics and even our movements.  On the one hand migrant youth are painted as criminals by a xenophobic right wing hate campaign.  In response many counter the narrative by lifting up only the exceptional individual stories of 4.0 students and valedictorians.  In Oakland, California migrant youth are refusing to be elbowed out of the conversations about their future by these black and white narratives.  They are bursting on to the seen in full color.   This project aims to lift these powerful voices to shine a light on the reality of migrant youth.  No more angels and demons a new movement is being born.


Susan said...

¡Que viva 67Sueños!

L.Rivas said...

this is beautiful! vibrant, active, engaged and resilient youth are not only the future, but the PRESENT and need to be recognized as such!

Props to all the youth who take on the challenge and embrace the opportunity to become leaders in this way- leading with your own voice, values, and principles of justice and rights.

En solidaridad! -laura

mexiroccan said...

So powerful... thank you so much for sharing this beautiful piece!

Media Arts Center San Diego said...

Great work. Check out what youth producers are doing in San Diego!

DREAM ACT documentary ("DREAM") to premiere in San Diego, 6/11, 4-6pm Media Arts Center San Diego Congressman Bob Filner in person!


pablop said...

I miss those Latin@ film festivals in SD so much. How did it go. In terms of the DREAM Act discussion, did the analysis of the 67% of undocumented youth who would not benefit from the current DREAM Act make it into the dialogue? I'm super curious about the perspective of the documentary on this question and what the conversation at the event was like?
Thanks for posting this,