Wednesday, October 27, 2010

67% Is Not A Choice

Jesus is undocumented, unafraid and speaking out for more than just the undergrads:

67% is Not A Choice. from Producciones Cimarrón on Vimeo.

A New voice within the movement of undocumented and unafraid youth is finding it's self.  It is not the voice that has taken college campuses by storm with mock graduations and the rhetoric of valedictorian dreams deferred.  They are not the DREAMers we watched with admiration sitting in at Senator Mccain's office.  And Although mainstream media is yet to profile these youth on the pages of the New York Times or release op ed after op ed about their plight, these young folks are equally bold and with DREAMs that are just as valid as the DREAMers who have come out undocumented and unafraid.

These youth share a lot with their DREAMer brothers and sisters, but they also bring to the movement table, an understanding that most of their undocumented brothers and sisters who aren't enrolled @ UCLA or any other institution of higher learning face so many obstacles on the road to college that anything calling itself a DREAM Act needs to afford more options than College or Military.
They are beginning to raise these issues and this critique and like their DREAMer brothers and sisters they demand to be heard.

Please take a moment to sign this petition to demand that the community service path to legalization be added back in to the DREAM Act.

Sign this Petition, Support Undocumented DREAMs

More of these voices will continue coming out, and this website plans on lifting up their voices when they do:


harvardsisepuede said...

Me inspira tu mensaje! De un "DREAM Act" enfocado en educación! Gracias por tener este video! Necesitamos informar a los demás estudiantes que un Dream Act que nos manda a la guerra en ves de a las Universidades NO es un Dream Act...

Sigue adelante, luchando por la justicia!

pablop said...

Gracias compañera,
La guerra convierte los suenos en pesadillas.
Y para Latin@s el "enemigo" muchas veces se parece a nuestra propia gente. Tu Blog también me inspira. Me motiva saber que en todos lados nuestra comunidad esta empezando a cuestionar esta ruta militar y las pocas opciones que quedan en el Acta Sueño.
Para Adelante Siempre,